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Workshops during the General Online Research 06 given by Dr. Martin Welker

1.) title of the workshop:
Weblogs & Blogging: potential and practical Opportunities within Academia & Jounalism

2.) duration of the workshop:90 minutes

3.)workshop fees:
Preise (voll/ermäßigt) / Price (full/reduced): 50,- EUR / 25,- EUR

4.) target groups:

6.) workshop language:

7.) Description of the content of the workshop:
Blogs count among the hottest applications of the Internet. Because weblogs link utility with fun and efficacy with experiment Blogs canít be ignored by professionals like managers, communication workers, political advisers or journalists: they all apply weblogs recently for their tasks.

Functions may reach from citation and publication, dialog and linking up to research. In fact there is a variety of blogs made by professionals, others are made by citizens and are much less ambitious. The type of texts varies from near-literary to a mixture of links, pictures and copy-and-paste-texts as a commodity for later magazine texts.

In this workshop we will learn how to use weblogs efficiently. We will

  • look at the main purposes in the field of communication (PR, inhouse communication, media) and name the most basic functions
  • look at the latest surveys concerning weblogs and learn what professionals are actually doing with this tool
  • look at some mistakes and errors of professional webloggers
  • learn about the equipment which is basic for running a weblog.
At last we will focus on German journalists and how they make use of weblogs.
A package of learning material will handed to all participants.





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