Workshops auf der General Online Research 05

1.) Titel des Workshops:
Data Mining and E-Business
Prof. Dr. Andreas Weigend (Stanford University, Former chief scientist of

3.) Preis (voll / ermäßigt):
90.- EUR (140,- CHF)/ 25.- EUR (39,- CHF)

6.) Workshop-Sprache:

This workshop discusses three topics:
1. Data mining on the web: Facts and fiction
2. Experiments in e-business: Practice and promise
3. Relevance in search and behavioural targeting: Markets and monetization
The common thread across these three topics is the focus on understanding user behaviour, e.g., stated vs revealed preferences, and on leveraging the insights.
There will be time to discuss questions from the audience. Specific requests for topics can be emailed beforehand to the workshop organizer (see

Goals of the workshop:
• Understand ideas behind modern quantitative approaches,
• Compare and contrast to traditional methods,
• Clarify the roles of technology, information and innovation.

Necessary previous knowledge:
• Open to ideas, curious about the world

Literature that has to be read before the workshop participation: None

Short bio:
Weigend teaches Data Mining and e-Business at Stanford University. He served as the Chief Scientist of until 2004. He now works as independent consultant with BV Capital (San Francisco), Hubert Burda Media (Munich), Poindexter Systems (New York), SWISS International Air Lines (Zurich), and other information-rich organizations. Details can be found at


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