General Online Research 2005



  Session 15 - Academic Communication and the Internet (Wissenschaftskommunikation und das Internet)

 Chair: Frank Faulbaum

C. Carlson
title: The Scientific Community, Open Access and the Internet
Titel: Die wissenschaftliche Gemeinschaft, Open Access und das Internet

E. Vasileiadou, P. van den Besselaar
title: Disseminating science - How the use of ICTs moves science to the public sphere

M. Use, W. Taube
title: easySTATS – interactive exploration of quantitative research data in the public space of the Internet
Titel: easySTATS – interaktive Exploration quantitativer Forschungsdaten in der Öffentlichkeit des Internets

P. van den Besselaar, G. Heimeriks
title: Digital Disciplinary Differences – Field Differences in Computer Mediated Science